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Dr. McLaughlin, Dr. Mueller, and the team at Dental Touch Associates are always striving to take care of your teeth and keep them healthy, so they last a lifetime. But sometimes a root canal or other treatment just doesn’t make sense if you have a tooth or maybe even several teeth that are beyond repair. This is when the doctor might recommend you consider having an extraction.

Do I Need an Extraction?

Please don’t worry or feel anxious if you need to have a tooth or multiple teeth extracted. Thanks to our modern technology and advanced treatment techniques, having a tooth pulled is more minimally invasive and comfortable compared to past procedures.

It’s very important that you make an appointment with us if you’re experiencing any of these symptoms with any of your teeth:

  • Gum swelling and redness
  • Surges of pain when you’re biting or chewing food
  • Tooth discoloration or decay
  • Sensitivity or pain that just won’t go away

If you’ve been dealing with any of these symptoms, please give us a call. While they don’t necessarily mean you’re going to need to have a deteriorating tooth pulled, the longer you wait to get help the more likely the tooth will need to come out to protect surrounding teeth from becoming infected.

Why We Recommend Extractions

Although we always go out of our way to protect and preserve your natural teeth, sometimes we just can’t save a tooth that’s been badly damaged due to decay or some kind of trauma. If you have a tooth or teeth that have been severely compromised, extraction may be the only effective treatment to help your smile stay healthy.
The good news is, you’ve got so many post-extraction options that can make your smile whole again once a tooth is pulled. We can use a durable dental implant, dental bridge, and even partial dentures to help fill in the gap where your tooth once was and keep remaining teeth in good condition.
Keep in mind that once you’ve had a tooth pulled, replacing it with a dental restoration is highly recommended. If left untreated, adjacent teeth can shift, affecting the overall appearance of your smile. You might also experience bite problems or TMJ issues.
If you’ve been suffering from tooth pain, please don’t hesitate to reach out to our Cedar Rapids dental office to schedule a visit. We’re here to make the best recommendation for you and your smile.

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