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Fruit Juice and Enamel Erosion

added on: May 18, 2015

A new study has identified fruit juice and soda as the leading causes of tooth enamel erosion. This means that fruit juice, like soda, has been shown to increase risks for dental cavities and tooth infection. What’s more, when enamel is eroded, the darker yellow dentin of the tooth is exposed, allowing fruit juice consumption to help permanently impact the brightness and whiteness of teeth.

It has long been known that fruit juice is not as healthy as once believed. In fact, many doctors recommend fruit juice be treated like soda and consumed only in moderation. Indeed, it is the lack of moderation with which these beverages are typically consumed that lead to most of the problems they are associated with.

Fruit juice is highly acidic. Under normal circumstances, saliva can respond to pH changes in the mouth and neutralize acidity before damage to enamel occurs. However, when fruit juice or soda are consumed regularly, saliva doesn’t have a chance to neutralize pH and dental erosion becomes inevitable. Even brushing and flossing cannot undo these damages, making moderation your best form of defense.

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