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What Causes Sudden Tooth Discoloration? 

added on: May 26, 2021

Tooth staining can seem to happen overnight, but chances are, something has been introduced to your teeth over time that slowly darkened your teeth. With the exception of dental trauma, tooth discoloration is mostly caused by repeated exposure to staining ingredients or because of something health-related. So what can you do about discolored teeth? Just ask your dentist in Cedar Rapids

Identify The Cause

Before your dentist can find the best way to whiten your smile, we need to know what caused the discoloration in the first place. Tooth staining can be a result of many different things, and it’s important to know exactly what’s contributing to your specific problem as treatment will vary based on this information. Some of the main causes of tooth discoloration are: 

  • Beverages & Foods

Foods and drinks such as red wine, coffee, tea, and spaghetti sauce can all contribute to tooth staining. 

  • Tobacco

Cigarettes, cigars, and chewing tobacco all contain ingredients that will stick to the tiny pores in teeth and create a dark or brownish appearance. 

  • Oral Hygiene

There are many reasons why your dentist in Cedar Rapids recommends daily brushing and flossing. Keeping your teeth white is one of them. Proper oral hygiene routines help remove bacteria and plaque buildup that could lead to decay and discoloration. 

  • Whole-Body Health

There’s a well-known link between oral and overall health, and, believe it or not, some whole-body health concerns can affect the color of your teeth. Certain diseases and their treatments, such as cancer and chemotherapy, can contribute to tooth staining. Other over-the-counter medications, such as allergy medication can also lead to discoloration. Don’t stop the use of any medication without talking to your doctor, and make sure you discuss all medicines with your dentist in Cedar Rapids.   

The Best Way to Whiten Your Smile

The best way to treat tooth discoloration depends on your specific situation and cause. But the good news is that there are many cosmetic dentistry options available to brighten any smile. 

  • White (composite) dental fillings
  • Veneers
  • In-office professional smile whitening
  • Dental crowns

Avoiding The Problem

Many times, tooth discoloration can be prevented by taking just a few easy steps. 

  • Stop smoking
  • Brush and floss your teeth daily
  • Limit staining foods and drinks and try to rinse with water after eating them
  • Discuss all medications and health conditions with your dental team
  • See your dentist in Cedar Rapids twice a year for regular checkups and cleanings

Tooth discoloration is something that can often be fixed, so don’t settle for a smile you’re not proud of. Call your dentist to schedule an appointment today.