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What is Osseointegration?

added on: June 16, 2015

Osseointegration is the process dental implants undergo that allow them to become a permanent part of your smile. As the name suggests, osseointegration occurs when a dental implant is integrated into the jawbone – a process that gives dental implants some of their largest advantages over other forms of tooth replacement.

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There are dozens of microscopic holes on the surface of dental implants. These holes offer the perfect foothold for osteoblasts and connective tissue, both of which are necessary for seamless integration of the implant into the jaw.

The process of osseointegration can take up to six months, but the benefits far outweigh this waiting period. Once accepted into the jawbone, dental implants will not come loose or fall out, enabling them to provide a reliable foundation for your restorations. What’s more, because dental implants replace the missing root, they prevent jaw shrinkage and collapse – changes that are unavoidable when a tooth’s root is not replaced.

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