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What is Tooth Bonding?

added on: April 27, 2015

Tooth bonding, also known as dental bonding, is a minimally invasive and very effective solution for a number of cosmetic and general dental problems. Cedar Rapids dentist Dr. Blaine McLaughlin uses this topical resin to strengthen teeth impacted by trauma such as chips and cracks, seal enamel that has decayed, and protect sensitive tooth roots when gums recede.

He may also suggest tooth bonding for cosmetic restorations such as:

  • Minor gaps
  • Irregular presentation
  • Severe discoloration

The best way to learn if tooth bonding is the right solution for your smile is by calling our Marion, Iowa office at 319-373-5082 and scheduling a consultation with Dr. McLaughlin.

The Teeth Bonding Process

Tooth bonding is placed during a single office visit – making it much more convenient than other cosmetic and restorative procedures. To place the bonding material, Dr. McLaughlin will first roughen existing enamel. This produces a porous surface to which the bonding can attach without impacting the integrity of the tooth.

Once the tooth is prepared, Dr. McLaughlin will apply the tooth-colored resin in layers to achieve the desired shape. After the final layer has been applied, the bonding will be polished and hardened, allowing for both immediate and sustained use.

If you would like to learn how tooth bonding can strengthen and beautify your smile, please contact Dental Touch Associates today. We welcome patients from Cedar Rapids and all surrounding Iowa communities.

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