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5 Easy Secrets to a New Smile for the New Year

added on: January 15, 2018

There’s no better time to start working on your new smile than the New Year, but New Year’s resolutions usually only last for a month or two before everyone gives up. So, let’s keep it simple with a few easy tips that will help make your New Year’s resolution a reality. That way, before you celebrate another new year, you’ll have a new smile, too!

1. Clean between your teeth

Okay, let’s get it out of the way… Floss! Or use a Waterpik! You hear it every time you go to the dentist, but the New Year is the perfect time to start a good habit. Try adding one of these to your existing routine to make it stick. When you brush your teeth in the morning, floss or Waterpik before you even pick up your toothbrush. After a few days, the unpleasant feeling will go away and your teeth will immediately feel cleaner.

2. Check Your Toothpaste

You’re already brushing twice a day, right? Of course! Now, it’s time to check your toothpaste. The “features” that are advertised on the box aren’t always essential, but there are different types of toothpaste that can help address specific issues you’re struggling with. Cavities? There’s toothpaste for that. Sensitive teeth? There’s toothpaste for that. It’s nothing too complicated, but it worth the time to take a little closer look the next time you’re buying toothpaste.

3. Eat Cheese

Told you these would be easy! Who can say no to more cheese? Dairy products are a wonderful source of calcium and cheese can help to buffer the acids in your mouth, which is super important for your teeth because the acids are what cause cavities. Of course, there are other foods that are good for your teeth, too. Leafy vegetables are great for your teeth because they require a lot of chewing. The leafy greens scrub your teeth as you chew and also generate saliva that helps clean your teeth.

4. Pick Convenient Teeth Whitening

When it comes to improving your smile, it doesn’t get much more convenient and affordable than teeth whitening! You can either whiten your teeth at home or at the dentist. Crest 3D White Whitestrips can be found in most grocery stores and if that isn’t enough, Nite White and Day White are take-home whitening solutions that, as you probably guessed, you either use overnight while you sleep or for 30 minutes twice a day.

5. Go to the Dentist!

You know what’s the most important thing you can do for your teeth in 2018? Go to the dentist!  Going to the dentist at least every six months helps prevent tooth decay, plaque and gum disease, which means you save money and keep your smile sparkling. You can also talk to your dentist and find out, for example, which teeth whitening solution is best for you.

If you’re interested in a new smile for the new year or looking for a dentist, come talk to Dr. McLaughlin and the team at Dental Touch Associates in Cedar Rapids. Nothing compares to seeing a patient look at their new smile for the first time!