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How Laser Gum Reshaping Transforms Your Smile

added on: November 9, 2017

It’s always about teeth. Are my teeth straight enough? Are my teeth white enough? Is there something stuck in my teeth? But when it comes to achieving that perfect smile, it’s not always about your teeth, so don’t forget about your gums! Uneven gum lines and excess gum tissue can make teeth look too big or too small. That’s why laser gum reshaping can transform your smile!

Laser gum reshaping uses the latest laser dentistry technology to make the procedure as easy as possible. If you’ve gone through all the trouble to straighten and whiten your teeth, then laser gum reshaping might be the last step of your amazing smile makeover.

What is Laser Gum Reshaping?

Laser gum reshaping, or laser gum contouring, is actually a super cool and relatively painless process. Before laser dentistry technology, patients with gummy smiles had their gums reduced with a scalpel. Ouch! Now, dentists are able to use a laser to remove excess gum tissue and gently sculpt a symmetrical gum line. The entire procedure can usually be completed in only one visit to the dentist!

What Problems Does Laser Gum Reshaping Fix?

Laser gum reshaping is a cosmetic treatment to remove excess gum tissue and/or correct the gum line, although it can also be used as a part of periodontal procedures to address gum disease. The cosmetic issues that laser gum reshaping fixes aren’t always oral health concerns, but gummy smiles or uneven gum lines do mess with the appearance of your smile!

Excessive amounts of gum tissue cause gummy smiles when the gum tissue covers a significant portion of your teeth. This makes teeth look smaller and disproportionate. Uneven gum lines, when gums are either too high or too low, make teeth look either too big or too small. These are generally considered cosmetic issues, but adding gum tissue where recession has occurred or trimming excess tissue that’s covering part of the tooth crown are both considered oral health issues.

Recovery Time for Laser Gum Reshaping

People always ask if laser gum reshaping hurts and, honestly, it really doesn’t. The application of the local anesthetic is the most painful part of the procedure! The recovery time for laser gum reshaping is usually a few days. Afterwards, just make sure you follow the instructions from your dentists, which will include switching to a soft bristled toothbrush, avoiding hard and crunchy foods, and maybe taking some Tylenol.


If you’re interested in laser gum reshaping or even an entire smile makeover, come talk to Dr. McLaughlin and the team at Dental Touch Associates in Cedar Rapids. Nothing compares to seeing a patient look at their new smile for the first time!