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added on: July 31, 2017
veneers-lumineers-Dental Touch-Cedar Rapids IA

If you’ve ever wondered how it’s possible for every celebrity and movie star to have perfect smiles, well, it’s not because they all continued to wear retainers after getting their braces off. (Although the responsible ones, with the best smiles, wear their retainers!) The truth is that a lot of those movie stars didn’t have… Read More

added on: October 6, 2015
Tooth bonding - Dental Touch Associates - Cedar Rapids

Dental bonding is a restorative solution with applications in both general and cosmetic dentistry. While there are a number of reasons to consider dental bonding for the perfection of your smile, five of the top include: Dental bonding is a less expensive alternative to porcelain veneers Dental bonding is safe, nontoxic, and free of metal… Read More